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Leakage Identification

Revenue Leakage Identification

Stop revenue leakage and optimize your E&M charges and take back control of your business

Our flagship AI platform, ExdionACE, provides organizations an AI-driven solution that instantly detects and resolves revenue leakage situations. This results in increased revenue through the identification of missing ICD/CPT codes, validation of correct modifier usage, completion of CCI edits, and assessment of E/M levels.

Say goodbye to lost revenue

You’re likely losing revenue without even realizing it. Revenue leakage can come in many different forms, but the most common is when charges are not properly documented or coded. This can lead to missed opportunities for revenue growth. ExdionACE , our powerful and robust AI tool, can efficiently pinpoint and resolve potential revenue leaks in your system. With our expert-certified coders and purpose-built AI, we can detect errors and optimize your E&M levels for increased profits.

Leakage Identification

Plug the Leaks in Your Revenue Stream with ExdionACE

Our purpose-built AI, backed by expert certified coders, can detect: