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How Exdionca helped AFC Memphis Urgent Care Clinic thrive during the pandemic

Is your Urgent Care Center merely surviving or thriving?

How is the financial health of your Urgent Care Centre? Is it thriving or barely surviving? This is a serious question UCCs need to ask themselves.

Why is Revenue integrity important for Urgent Care Centers?

The health of your UCC starts with its financial performance. Insufficient revenue and unpredictable cash flow prevent your UCC from thriving. Ever-increasing economic pressures mandate that UCCs optimize their revenues cycle. Reimbursements are shrinking and resources are being cut. UCCs need to bridge the gap between billed amounts and actual reimbursements that could be costing millions. When the financial well-being of a UCC is threatened by missing revenues, it may ultimately lead to closure. This is the harsh reality.

The case of American Family Clinic – Urgent Care Center

Consider the case of American Family Clinic (AFC) Urgent Care Center in Memphis, TN. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, patient volumes had dropped by 75%. The clinic was in danger of shutting its doors permanently. Common UCC Revenue Integrity Challenges

  • Insufficient revenue and unpredictable cash flows
  • Manual medical coding and billing errors/issues
  • Communication disconnects across the revenue cycle
  • Increasing cost of non-compliance
  • Inadequate resources to keep up with changing payor requirements

Strategies to optimize your revenue cycle

Achieving sustained revenue integrity with so many pressing revenue cycle challenges may seem daunting. It’s difficult to know where to start to prevent revenue leakage. Here are some of the ways to enhance your UCCs revenue cycle:

  • Medical Coding and Billing – automate tedious, error-prone coding and billing processes
  • Improve reimbursements – close the gap between billing and the actual revenue
  • Increase operational efficiency – optimize processes to run efficiently
  • Minimize risk – cut the cost of non-compliance

How Exdion Health helped AFC Memphis thrive

Although COVID-19 testing helped revive AFC Memphis operations last summer, the clinic still needed to stabilize its business for the longer term. Its decision to contract with ExdionRCM, a division of Exdion Solutions, has been crucial to thriving in a post-COVID environment. “Exdion has knowledge of charting and billing that makes them extremely valuable. They definitely helped us keep the doors open,” said AFC Urgent Care Memphis CEO Jim Harper. Source: Businesswire Exdion Health’s customizable platform, designed for UCCs and other clinics, helped AFC Memphis not just survive but thrive. ExdionCA, an AI-driven advanced revenue integrity solution operates on an Urgent Care-specific AI engine that automatically scrubs and flags encounters with possible gaps. The solution performs both pre-bill code validation and post-bill code audits making it easy to scrutinize AFC Memphis Urgent Care billing practices. “Virtually every urgent care clinic in the United States has had to overcome extreme financial pressures due to COVID-19,” said Exdion Solutions VP of Sales, Dan Narayan. “Our organization is able to optimize their financial and operational potential in a relatively short period of time.” Source: Businesswire ExdionCA empowered AFC Memphis to increase revenues by 25% per month. The lag in claims payment also dropped by 66%, increasing cash flow even further. In addition, ExdionRCM also helped AFC Memphis’s staff deal with dramatic changes in the evaluation and management (EM) billing codes that were introduced in January of this year.

Reclaim your UCC revenue integrity with Exdion Health

At ExdionRCM, we help healthcare service providers prepare for digital operations and 24/7 customer engagement. Our technology-led solutions deliver transformational excellence through strategic levers such as RCM analytics, Medical Coding Automation and consultancy. Knowing how to effectively manage revenue integrity is the key to financial survival in these challenging times. While the road to an optimized revenue cycle is fraught with challenges, our AI-driven solutions such as ExdionCA make it easier. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you get 100% legitimate reimbursement year over year with minimal risk or uncertainty.

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