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Intelligent and seamless Healthcare Business Solutions to empower Healthcare Providers and Billing Companies for a digital future.

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Manage account receivables efficiently, accurately, and confidentially


The foundation of your business

Exdion Cash is the support platform for healthcare providers' financial stability, incorporating essential elements for smooth and effective operations. With an emphasis on integration, Exdion Cash provides practical business insights that improve efficiency in managing revenue cycles and enhance upstream services. Exdion Cash is the backbone of financial health for healthcare providers, encompassing a variety of vital components aimed at seamless and efficient operations:


Timely Billing​

Claims submitted within a 24-36 hour window to maximize reimbursement speed, while streamlined billing processes reduce the aging period of accounts receivable.​

Benefits Verification

Verifying patient benefits to avoid services not provided for or need for a payment plan and proactive communication regarding co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses to avert delayed payments.

Accurate Coding

Employing a checklist for high-value codes prevents claim delays or denials due to insufficient information and reducing denial rates to less than 1% - 2%.

Clear Documentation

Ensuring all necessary documents are attached to claims reducing rejections and expediting resolutions.

Exception Handling

Establish methods for handling exception cases outside of standard rules to review and resolve cases efficiently.

Auto-Posting Rules

Create automated posting rules for common payment scenarios, such as co-payments, deductibles, and contractual adjustments, to reduce manual involvement

Reconciliation Process

Adopt a routine reconciliation process to quickly identify and rectify any discrepancies between posted payments and expected amounts from payers.

Audit Trails

Maintain detailed audit trails for payment transactions, crucial for tracking changes, ensuring compliance, and providing a clear payment posting history.

Technology Integration

Employ advanced billing software to automate processes, minimizing errors, accelerate billing cycles, and improve revenue management overall.

Follow-Up on Claims

Establish a reliable follow-up system for unpaid or denied claims, tracking their status to identify and resolve issues quickly.

Denial Management

Analyze common denial reasons and implement strategies to minimize denials with a systematic approach for appealing denied claims for maximum reimbursement.

Regular Audits

Conduct internal audits to rectify billing errors, enhance upstream services using business intelligence and analytics, and ensure compliance and prevent revenue loss.

Aging Reports

Employ technology-driven automated accounts receivable (AR) follow-up tailored to clients and payors, address backlogged AR with an automated approach, regularly review AR aging reports, and promptly handle overdue accounts to minimize revenue cycle times.


Integrated within the AR service to enhance upstream services by providing actionable business intelligence improving overall efficiency in revenue cycle management (RCM).