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Acuity Intelligence

The solution to reducing the complexity of visits and improving overall care

Exdion's Acuity Intelligence harnesses AI to analyze medical charts, detecting lower acuity visits (reflected in lower E&M codes) and overlooked procedures within urgent care and occupational medicine practices. This innovative technology unlocks instant opportunities for revenue enhancement, Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), and facilitates training initiatives for medical directors to prioritize providers who might overlook essential procedures. Consequently, this approach elevates the overall level of acuity and enhances the standard of care.

Higher reimbursement for lower complexity visits

Receiving reimbursements for lower complexity visits, common in urgent care and occupational medicine settings, is increasingly challenging. This issue stems from factors like the predominant use of Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), contractual agreements with global fee-payers, worries about patient volume, and over-specialization. As a result, payers are cutting reimbursements and may eventually cease coverage for these visits. Exdion leverages AI to analyze medical charts, identify areas of lower acuity, and unlock avenues for revenue improvement, Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), and training medical directors to direct their attention toward providers who aren't involved in procedures, thereby elevating the overall standard of care.


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