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Intelligent and seamless Healthcare Business Solutions to empower Healthcare Providers and Billing Companies for a digital future.

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Unlock The Hidden Revenue In Your Coding

Exdion Health is an industry first smart AI technology empowering healthcare businesses to boost their revenue streams like never before. Clinics employing ExdionACE reach their goals while simultaneously saving time and money. With this tool at their disposal, clinics can be confident that their operations are streamlined and operating with optimal efficiency. Regardless of the EMR system that drives your business, such as Experity, Athena, or ECW, our platform works in tandem to help you realize coding accuracy, compliance and revenue enhancement.


Exdion Health improves revenue recognition using intelligent AI. Clinics are able to realize practical, scalable, and intelligent digital services that yield greater commercial value with the help of ExdionACE and our AI/Analytics capabilities. Clinics benefit from improved efficiencies, simpler operations, and more revenue realization when they have access to ExdionACE. Additionally, ExdionACE can be used with Experity, Athene, or ECW, among other EMR systems. Clinics can achieve improved revenue realization, better compliance, and increased coding accuracy without making additional expenses.


We provide efficient coding solutions tailored for urgent care, occupational health, and acute care centers, aimed at automating your medical coding process. Our healthcare data analytics and intuitive dashboards offer comprehensive insights into your operations, improving productivity and facilitating effective decision-making. By utilizing these tools, our clients have seen a measurable improvement in practice efficiency.


Our powerful and purpose-built AI technology enables you to review every one of your visits and validate them against tens of thousands of guidelines within seconds. This ensures the highest levels of documentation compliance possible, reducing your costs and liabilities. This provides you with greater visibility into your visit data for more accurate reporting.


ExdionACE has consistently delivered at least 20% additional fee-for-service revenue. Differing from conventional code scrubbers, our AI platform stands as the only technology offering real-time compliance and accuracy checks. This guarantees that coding practices adhere to industry regulations, ensuring increased revenue and a secure, compliant practice, resulting in the best outcomes.

The Exdion Health Coding Platform

Designed by seasoned clinical and coding professionals the Exdion Health coding platform combines rule-based and Machine-learning tools to integrate clinical tasks, coding procedures, and revenue optimization.
Transforming the healthcare service provider landscape, our platform tackles human resource challenges head-on. Tailored exclusively for Urgent Care and Occupational Health centers, it provides complete automation of the medical coding process. Our exclusive platform meticulously scans pertinent medical records, delivers Computer-assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD), guarantees adherence to Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) standards, and identifies potential revenue discrepancies.

AI driven:

Automated scanning of 100% of your charts for missed revenue and inadequate documentation – configured to your specifics

Power of Analytics:

Unbeatable reporting with clear dashboards drilling down to clinic, provider and code level detail

CDI and training:

One click visibility into CDI to streamline training, elevating standard of care and patient experience

Guaranteed results:

Measurable revenue improvement in weeks, CDI maturity in months

Strategic Impact
Provider Experience
Practices see 86% fewer denials with Exdion Health



Exdion has been remarkable in clearing our backlog and prioritizing accounts that require immediate attention. Their systematic approach and attention to detail have significantly contributed to streamlining our processes. The communication channels have been smooth and efficient, making our collaboration seamless. Adopting Exdion Ace was surprisingly easy. The Exdion team provided comprehensive support, ensuring a smooth transition. The platform's user-friendly interface and their guidance made the onboarding process a breeze.

Operations Manager , Starmount Healthcare & Starmed Family & Urgent Care

Stacie Kennard


With ExdionACE, our revenue increased by 40% in year one. 18% of our encounters had missed revenue opportunities for E/M alone. There was a good bit of revenue that was being left on the table and ExdionACE was able to identify and plug the leakage.

CFO, CareXpress

Trent Limb

Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Industry-leading technology to your coding.

Leakage Identification

Optimize your E&M charges to take back control of your business.


Gain insights into revenue-impacting coding errors.


Reduce the complexity of visits and improve overall care.


Reduce claim denials due to coding errors.


Ensure CDI compliance to get the reimbursement you deserve.