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Bring Greater Accuracy, Efficiency and Speed to your Urgent Care Revenue Cycle with AI-Powered Autonomous Coding

Healthcare providers in urgent care centers are dependent on revenue cycle management to ask for, track, and collect revenue for patient services. With medical billing becoming highly complex, the accuracy of revenue cycle management has grown in significance. Urgent Care Centers (UCCs) need to use technology to effectively manage their revenue cycle, get an extensive understanding of patient visits and reduce the administrative burden on healthcare service providers.
The number of urgent care centers in the U.S. has now crossed 9,000, according to a recent benchmarking report from an industry group. During the pandemic, clinics saw a 58% increase in patient visits. Most of these visits were for COVID-19-related testing, episodic care and vaccination.

Importance of Urgent Care Centres During the Pandemic

The role of UCCs became even more crucial during the pandemic. UCCs provided quality medical care when hospitals were running at full capacity. These centres catered to a broad range of patients in-person and also provided treatment through telemedicine.
Post-pandemic, there was a significant paradigm shift which accelerated the growth of UCCs. There was an increasing demand for easy and convenient access to quality healthcare services. This is where autonomous coding powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) came to the fore.

Gives Easier Access to Clinical Language Tools

A radical shift in the service rendering approach in healthcare increases the burden on infrastructure. UCCs demand additional infrastructure so they can deliver high volumes of easy care and services at the doorstep of patients. This growing demand for urgent care services has its share of administrative challenges. AI-powered autonomous coding software supports clinical language understanding platforms, which are bankable and effective for revenue cycle management in crucial situations. They reduce the dependence on people and rely more on technology.

Shifts Your Focus from Administrative to Clinical Operations

RCM service providers have begun expanding their platform’s capabilities to increase the efficiency of UCC operations. RCM solutions are easy to deploy and scale up to support the workflow and patient volume at UCCs. This helps remove the additional administrative burdens from their clinical teams, so clinical staff can focus their time and energies on patient care.

Improves Medical Coding Practices

Autonomous coding solutions powered by AI convert provider narratives into accurate and ICD-10-CM and CPT compliant reimbursement codes in a matter of seconds, without much human intervention. Revenue Cycle Management for urgent care centers can deliver extensive, audit-ready, traceable codes for complete transparency. These AI-powered autonomous coding tools drive more than three million chart processes annually in more than 90 emergency medicine care settings.

Highlights Missed Reimbursement Opportunities

During the urgent care centre’s medical coding process, these software tools can successfully code more than half of the client’s daily discharge volume within a few minutes. Healthcare services, as a result produce a higher total relative value unit (RVA) that can help highlight the missed reimbursement opportunity for clients.

Effective in Meeting High Patient Volume

AI-Powered Autonomous Coding platforms are perfect for meeting urgent care centres’ unique patient volumes and workflow needs. These platforms are reputed for their fast, accurate and scalable medical coding capabilities which mitigate the possibilities of error-prone medical coding practices. This software is designed carefully to meet the compliance requirements of the latest ICD guidelines.

Exdion Health

Exdion’s revenue cycle management solutions introduce smart workflows and cutting-edge technologies to provide autonomous coding, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Language (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to provide full-cycle services to our RCM clients. Exdion Health solutions will let you take the shape of an automated, efficient, and quality-consistent system through cutting-edge including but not limited to:

● Standardized systems, processes and practices across the board
● AI takeover of manual processes
● Superior payment experience for all patients

Get in touch with us to bring greater accuracy, efficiency and speed for your Urgent Care Revenue cycle.

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