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How Healthcare Professionals Can Adapt to an Evolving Technology Landscape

There’s no stopping it. Digital transformation in the healthcare space is here. That means changes; big changes and
As the healthcare industry continues to rapidly evolve, medical professionals are often left trying to keep up with the latest technological advances. With budget cuts and cost-effective initiatives always in place, healthcare organizations must find ways to adapt and stay ahead of the curve to maintain success.
With the use of ExdionACE, healthcare professionals can easily navigate the ever-changing technology landscape and ensure their organization is optimally prepared for any challenges ahead.

Staying Competitive and Adaptable With Revenue Leakage Identification

At the core of ExdionACE is its ability to identify revenue leakage opportunities and increase revenue by identifying missing ICD/CPT codes, validating appropriate modifiers, completing CCI edits and assessing E/M levels. Revenue leakage occurs when coding errors are made due to misdiagnoses, assigning the wrong code, or lack of appropriate documentation. ExdionACE can quickly identify these issues by scanning clinical documentation and patient histories in order to determine the cause of potential revenue leakage.

Improving Coding Audits to Help Your Organization Increase Accuracy and Save Money

Exdion also offers coding audits to assist service providers with the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) compliance program recommendation for periodic external audits. With ExdionACE, these coding audits are highly efficient and cost-effective. This technology enables healthcare organizations to easily create and maintain audit plans that focus on specific areas of concern or risk profiles. By utilizing the data and reports generated from these coding audits, organizations can further develop their reviews and provide more detailed analyses.
Coding audits ultimately help healthcare organizations stay ahead of the competition, as they are able to quickly identify and address any coding errors before they become costly mistakes. Additionally, having the ability to quickly audit coding processes and submit accurate claims helps organizations save time and money while keeping up with evolving industry standards.
Exdion also offers coding audits to assist service providers with the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) compliance program recommendation for periodic external audits. With ExdionACE, these audits are quick and cost-effective. It helps you create and maintain audit plans that focus on specific areas of risk, and the data and reports generated give you more detailed analyses. Coding audits help your organization stay ahead of the competition by quickly identifying and addressing coding errors before they become costly mistakes. Plus, you’ll save time and money with accurate claims submissions.

Unlocking Revenue Opportunities With Acuity Intelligence

Exdion’s acuity intelligence uses AI to read charts and identify lower acuity visits (lower E&M codes) and missed procedures in urgent care and occupational medicine practices. This process provides immediate revenue enhancement opportunities for organizations.
Leveraging acuity intelligence helps healthcare organizations keep up with industry standards and remain competitive in the ever-changing market. By quickly identifying lower acuity visits, missed procedures, and potential coding errors, organizations can once again ensure the timely submission of accurate claims while maximizing revenue opportunities.

Leveraging the Power of Advanced AI Technology to Reduce Coding Denials

One of the most powerful aspects of ExdionACE is its ability to manage coding denials. By leveraging advanced technology, organizations can easily monitor and identify coding errors that may lead to revenue losses due to denials from commercial payers. This process helps healthcare organizations quickly identify the cause of denials, such as incorrect diagnosis codes or lack of documentation, and take the appropriate corrective measures to ensure future denials are avoided.
Having the ability to quickly and accurately manage denials is invaluable for healthcare organizations as it eliminates the need for manual labor-intensive processes, saving time and money. Additionally, this technology helps healthcare providers remain competitive in an evolving technology landscape by ensuring coding accuracy and timeliness across all departments.


As healthcare professionals continue to adapt to an ever-evolving technological landscape, it’s important for them to remain competitive in both cost and quality of care. ExdionACE provides a highly advanced solution that enables medical professionals to quickly identify potential revenue leakage opportunities and coding issues that can cause claim denials. By utilizing this technology, healthcare organizations are able to make their processes more efficient and cost-effective.

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